The legalized-gambling train should soon pull into the station

Updated: May 3, 2018

By Sports Betting Buzz

Is legalized sports betting finally here? Pro sports leagues in the United States have suddenly realized they’ve missing out on tons of cash. They’ve been watching billions of dollars in illegal sports wagers flutter past them for the past few decades without getting a cut. Not smart. Well, the change-of-heart NFL, NBA and MLB are now promoting legalized sports gambling with the NHL tagging along. They’re hoping the sports-betting landscape will change forever if and when the Supreme Court finally legalizes it during the next few weeks.

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The individual leagues have been holding sessions to prepare themselves for an onslaught of legalized betting as it now appears inevitable. This is a monster shift from only a few years ago. They’re just waiting for New Jersey’s appeal to end the current federal ban on gambling. The outcome will have a huge affect on pro sports leagues as the barriers will be broken down and dozens of new business opportunities will suddenly appear.

Thanks to mobile phones and the desire to get interactive with live events, fans will likely have access to internet betting such as “in-play” prop wagering and could soon bet money while sitting in the stadium. Interest in all the major sports leagues should pick up considerably and leagues finally see this as a win-win situation for everybody involved.